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Preparation of certifications and income studies.

Our Authorized Public Accountants (Contadores Públicos Autorizados – CPA) and Incorporated Private Accountants (Contadores Privados Incorporados – CPI) generate the certifications required by institutions, municipalities, and other government entities.


Creation of businesses & Feasibility studies

We assist you with creating and monitoring your company (SAS, SA, SRL) progress, prepare the articles of incorporation and manage all registration procedures.

Accounting process & Tax settlement

We assist you in the process of preparing and filing tax returns such as VAT, Income Tax, and others, as well as preparing financial statements to ensure compliance with current regulations and laws in the country.


Digitization of processes

We provide step-by-step assistance in implementing modular digital tools for financial data management, point of sale systems, inventory management, manufacturing processes, and more.


Counseling services for import and export.

We offer advice, guidance, and support in customs procedures related to the import and export of products in accordance with current laws and regulations in the country, as well as tax processes for the payment of taxes and other related matters.


Implementation of electronic invoicing systems.

As an essential element for accounting processes and tax payments, we assist in the acquisition and implementation of billing systems according to current regulations (laws).

Counseling on Marco legal operations in Costa Rica.

We provide counseling on the Legal Framework for Mercantile Operations (Marco) and provision of services in the country, according to laws and regulations, to ensure compliance with your tax obligations in private and government institutions.


Auditing and Implementation of internal control systems.

We provide support in the development of manuals and policies for the evaluation and implementation of internal control systems to ensure the achievement of business and organizational objectives. Our aim is to maintain the financial stability of the company or business in the short term by protecting its assets and income, and in the long term, minimize losses caused by the occurrence of such risks.


Automatic alerts

We follow up and automatically notify you about your tax obligations to take action in advance, avoid paying fines, and simplify your accounting cycle.


Spreadsheet management

Guidance and tracking in the processes of implementing, preparing, and presenting enterprise and Institutional spreadsheet systems according to current frameworks, laws, and regulations.


Monthly Financial Statements.

We develop, deliver, and provide guidance in the monthly interpretation of financial statements and other accounting reports that are essential for making administrative decisions and tracking accounting processes.


Accounting reports for financial institutions

We develop the necessary reports in collaboration with targeted counseling to ensure compliance with obligations and supporting documentation for financial institutions or government organizations.

We make sure that our team has the latest knowledge, the most innovative digital tools, and the necessary experience to ensure your peace of mind and the tax compliance of your business.

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